Naming conventions in programming

There are large variances between languages that have similar naming conventions and between projects written in the same languages. Compare Atom and Lodash, both JavaScript projects. Or Elixir vs Ruby, which by and large share a naming convention: Context is king.

. In this article. When you name an element in your Visual Basic application, the first character of that name must be an alphabetic character or an underscore. Note, however, that names beginning with an underscore are not compliant with the Language Independence and Language-Independent Components (CLS). The following suggestions apply to naming. Below are some of the examples of proper naming conventions in PL/SQL: Lv_name – local level variable of varchar/char datatype, Pc_num – parameter level cursor identifier, Gn_user_id – Global level variable of numerical data type, PL/SQL Variables, Variables in PL/SQL are basic identifiers assigned to a storage area that a program can manipulate.

While naming identifiers following rules must be folowed in Python: Must start with _ (underscore) or alphabets (a - z or A - Z) Lower case & Upper case are treated different identifiers i.e. area & Area are two different variables. Reserved words (also known as Keywords) can not be used.




Let’s understand these naming conventions in detail with examples. 1. Naming Packages, Package names must be a group of words starting with all lowercase domain names (e.g. com, org, net, etc). Subsequent parts of the package name may be different according to an organization’s own internal naming conventions.

Naming conventions, like any programming standard, is not necessary for writing code that runs just fine. In fact, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility to have a program developed by a fifteen year old rebel, with no regard for any conventions or standards that wipes the floor with the code written by a team of seasoned experts.

In C++, naming conventions are the set of rules for choosing the valid name for a variable and function in a C++ program. The class name should be a noun. Use upper case.